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School trips

We offer completely safe transport services

Every child awaits trip day. And every parent wishes for his child to return home safely after a day full of fun.

GIG offers trips full of fun and amusement for children and priceless peace for children and teaching staff, while their children are on safe hands.

Shopping trips

Shopping will become a relaxation, not an effort

We know how exhausting a shopping session can be, a really hard work. If you want to visit the chic boutiques in Budapest, or to benefit from the offers and discounts in Pandorf, you must spare energy to find what you have planned.

With GIG coaches and minibuses you can get to destination relaxed, full of energy, invigorated and ready for some real shopping.

Seniors groups

See the world at golden age

Rediscover the fun and adventure of a new way of travelling in the country or abroad! GIG offers seniors the easiest and most convenient transport to spend your time together with old and new friends.

It is a known fact that aging brings with it less mobility and visibility on night time, whereas long trips are harder to endure. But these things shouldn`t stop you desiring to experience new things, to spend beautiful moments with friends and to see new places. In fact, at this age you are supposed to have enough time to travel nicely – when travelling with GIG, you`ll benefit from special offers for seniors and you`ll be able to organise towns` sightseeing, tours and other extraordinary outgoings.

Guests/employees transport

Your event will be more relaxed

Are you organising a wedding, but some of the guests are from another locality, or are you organising a business trip for employees, or do you need to bring the church choir to an event? We can help you organise faster and without stress.

The road to destination can be a relaxation and you can freely interact. We know that planning all details is crucial and, therefore, we will plan the journey flawless, so that you can attend other organizational elements.

When choosing GIG for these services, be sure that our experience of over 25 years will be proven.